A generalized strategy for winning any casino game

Martingale is the most famous financial strategy, originally developed for use in casinos. With this strategy, you can stay in the black, even if you often lose. However, this strategy of high risk, and with a thoughtless application, can ruin you.

The meaning of it is very simple: the bet amount doubles every time after a loss, and returns to some initial value after winning. Let’s say you start with $ 100, you lose, the next bet is $ 200, again losing, then – $ 400 – winning, and the next bet is again $ 100. To profit by playing on this strategy, you must bet on events with a coefficient of at least 2.

There may be three problems. Two of them are technical:

Firstly, you may not have enough funds for the next bid, and secondly, the calculated amount of the next bet can exceed the maximum allowed bet, set by the bookmaker.

And the third problem is psychological: with every lost bet, to do the next is more difficult for nerves. And this despite the fact that the chances of winning with each subsequent bet are not growing: in general, they are the same as at the very first bet. Therefore, this system can be recommended only for players “on a large” and with strong nerves.

The world of roulette remembers its heroes, as they say, in person. To one of them, Charles de Wille Wells, this applies to the full. He managed in 1891 to “break the bank” in the same casino Monaco six times in three days! Playing on the Mortingale system, he doubled the stake every time in the event of a loss. He won and doubled the bet again. So starting from 10,000 francs, de Will Wells managed to raise a million. This did not stop him from dying in 1926 in complete poverty, but nevertheless his name strengthened the legend that there is a system that can curb roulette.

In the end, your chances are 96.875%, which is also not bad. But do not forget that if you play Black Jack, Poker, Bacar, Craps, and other games in which the outcome depends on you no less than luck, then this system is better to apply in conjunction with the counting of cards or other systems.

There is also a reverse system, also no less common, to increase the winning rate. The main rule of these systems is to get a curve of losses and winnings, where there will be slightly more wins than losses.

The main shortcomings of all systems are not laid in the systems themselves, but in the players – errors in following a particular system can cost the players quite expensive. Therefore, you must strictly adhere to a certain system and do not change it several times per game.

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